I am an ex-Cosmologist turned Data Scientist with over 10 years experience in Machine/Deep Learning, statistical inference, and with some experience Optimisation.

I am result driven and highly detail oriented, motivated by intellectual challenges and love analysing data to communicate insights for better decisions within organisations.

I have been told that my main strength is facilitating stakeholders to make data driven decisions. I do this through critical understanding of the essence of a problem and my joy for creating visuals that communicate actionable insights. Other strong suits of mine are learning new topics, attention to detail, obtaining and communicating results as well as finding creative ways to prototype pragmatic solutions for complex problems.

In Detail

Trained as a physicist, in my previous astronomy reincarnation I analysed maps of galaxies to measure aspects of Cosmology, e.g, the expansion rate of the Universe and the abundance of Dark Matter.

In 2014 I transitioned to data science, where I first worked for 3.5 years in a small marketing consulting firm working mostly on customer/user segmentation.

In 2018 I was employed as the first Data Scientist in a biotech company where I worked mostly on protein design for therapeutics by creating Machine/Deep Learning predictive models from the data produced in the lab.

In 2020 I joined Babylon as a Senior Data Scientist.
I developed end-to-end R&D projects and conducted technical support to improve the Symptom Checker product. In practice I assisted transfer of medical knowledge to the product, prototyped solutions and collaborated with engineers to put into production and consult with product managers and clinicians to ensure projects were delivered on time and quantified impact reported to the larger Tribe as well as the CTO.

Aw Shucks, More?

I wrote a short Autobiogrphy summarising my work experiences. It is mostly material targeted towards future me, but you are welcome to listen in.